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Second Hand Clothing & Shoes Experts

Pure Planet specializes in the import and export of European and American sorted used clothing & shoes in the UAE and Worldwide

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  • Used clothes

    Over 180 different sorted items

  • Used Shoes

    Good Quality of second-hand shoes

  • Used Bags

    All kind of used bags

  • HHR- House Hold Rummage

    All kind of used accessories

The Process


Importing back-to-back containers of credentials directly into our factory is a key aspect of our operations. This approach ensures quality control, streamlines logistics, and enhances our ability to meet customer demand efficiently.


At Pure Planet Rags, our sorting process begins with pre-sorting items into 10 distinct categories. From there, we meticulously sort these categories into over 180 individual items, ensuring precision and thoroughness in our grading process. This comprehensive approach allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and consistency in our products.


Following the sorting process, we meticulously grade the clothing into three distinct qualities, ensuring that each item meets our standards for excellence and consistency.


We accommodate packaging based on customer preferences, offering bales ranging from 45 KG to 450 KG to suit various needs and requirements.


We export to over 25 destinations worldwide, including Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and South America, ensuring our products reach diverse markets across the globe.